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We offer the widest range and best performance Stripline, Microstrip, Coaxial and Waveguide isolators in the world, extremely aggressive pricing structure. Our ferrites are the best anywhere

  • From mWatts to MWatts, Standard and Special Custom Models.
  • Microstrip: Highly polished ferrite garnet, thin film Gold over Copper solderable and bondable to mm wave
  • Microstrip Drop-in on carrier (2-100 GHz): including the Fuji (FDK) compatible RDKF 2-30 GHz Series
  • Microstrip Substrate-only (2-100 GHz): mounting directly to Chassis or circuit board
  • Stripline (25MHz to 15GHz): Cellular, DCS, PCS, UMTS, WI-MAX, RFID bands. SS Slim line, the latest “TW” line has the lowest IMD (10W, 100W and above)
  • Lumped Element: to 500W 1+1 protected, Ku Band 250W and Low cost surface mount 5 and 7mm Square, specific frequency bands
  • Coaxial (25MHz to 45GHz): a wide range of narrow band to multi-octave, SMA, N, K, 2.4 connectors
  • Waveguide (2 to 120GHz): virtually any flange, low to high power, very low loss
  • Cryogenic models: 0.01-4 Degree Kelvin, 4-77 Degree Kelvin, SMA, N, K, 2.4 connectors


Isolator Microstrip Drop-InMicrostrip Isolators Drop-In (183MHz-96GHz) 

Isolator Stripline Drop-InStripline Isolators Drop-In (136MHz-18GHz) 

Isolator Stripline Lumped Element  Lumped Element Isolators (RLEI) (806MHz-2.7 GHz)

Isolator CoaxialCoaxial Isolators (25MHz-50GHz)

Isolator CoaxialCryogenic Isolators 0.01-4°K, 4-77°K (17.7GHz-300GHz)

Isolator WaveguideWaveguide Isolators (2GHz-17.7GHz) 

Isolator WaveguideWaveguide Isolators (17.7GHz-120GHz) 


Isolator Primer 


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