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Raditek provides solutions for the Wireless and Microwave Telecommunications Industry, started in 1993 and continues to expand and evolve its comprehensive product ranges. Targeting Highest Performance, at the lowest Price possible. Shipping world wide, Fully ROHS Compliant.


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  1. Isolators & Circulators:
    • Stripline (25MHz to 15GHz): Cellular, DCS, PCS, UMTS, WI-MAX, RFID bands
    • Microstrip on carrier (2-100 GHz): including the Fuji (FDK) compatible RDKF 2-30 GHz Series
    • Microstrip Substrate-only (2-100 GHz): mounting directly to Chassis or circuit board
    • Coaxial (25MHz to 45GHz): a wide range of narrow band to multi-octave, SMA, N, K, 2.4 connectors
    • Cryogenic models: 4-77 degree Kelvin
    • Waveguide (2 to 150GHz): virtually any flange, low to high power, very low loss
    • Lumped Element: Low cost surface mount 5 and 7mm Square, specific frequency bands
  2. Splitters, Combiners / Power Dividers ,Couplers & Quadrature Hybrids:
    • Power Dividers: 2 way up to 16-way, low and high power, connectorized.
  3. Filters, Duplexers & Triplexers:
  4. Connectors, Adapters, & cable Assemblies:
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  1. Oscillators to 45GHz:
  2. Synthesizers 100MHz to 26GHz:
    • RSYNTH: Synthesizers, Surface Mount(SMT) or Connectorized(2 to 26 GHz)
  3. Frequency Standards:
    • Rubidium Frequency Standard
    • GPS
  4. YIg Products:
  5. Amplifiers:
    • Power Amplifiers
    • Gain Block Amplifiers
    • Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)
  6. Modules:
  7. Miscellaneous
    • Comb Generators
    • Up and Down Converters
    • Vector Modulators
    • Detectors
    • Phase Shifters
    • Mixer
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SATCOM Brochure OverviewSATCOM Brochure Overview (2013)

SATCOM Brochure FullSATCOM Brochure Full (2013)

  1. SATCOM VSAT Systems:
    • DREAM Modem SCPC or DAMA gives up to 98% satellite efficiency, supports IP traffic to 20 Mbps as standard and TPC to 16QAM with low cost remote and hub.
    • EXTREME Advanced SCPC Modems 64QAM/155Mbps, options including: to 8 x E1 and IP, DVB-S2, and the most advanced LDPC+ and SIMU-Carrier, offering BPSK,QPSK, 8PSK,16PSK,32PSK, 64QAM etc.
    • BUCS (Block Up Conveters) L Band, S band, C Band, X Band, Ku Band, Ka Band, Raditek BUC's small size and weight allow direct feed horn / antenna mountin
    • Ku Band BUC's 40W (GaN) weighs only 5½ lbs, for example , to 250W 1+1
    • C Band BUC's to to 500W 1+1 protected, Ku Band 250W
    • LNA and LNB C, X, Ku and Ka Bands
    • Frequency Converters embedded redundancy options and extensive M&C up to 4 converter modules in a single 1RU shelf, Hot-swappable, EIA232/EIA485 and Ethernet.
    • Telemetry / TT&C Systems
    • Antennas for Small Manpack Satcom and Carbon fiber flyaway to installing Ship borne stabilized tracking antenna and Low profile Internet On The Move for vehicles and yachts.
  2. Terrestrial Telecom Systems: Licensed Bands 6-38GHz
    • Transceiver, Point to Point and Point to Multipoint, 7, 13, 23GHz 120Mbps (IP and to 64 x E1), 23GHz to 360Mbps (2 x STM1 etc).
    • Modulation Options: BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16PSK, 64PSK, 128PSK, 256PSK, ACM, TDMA, PDH, SDH, ACM.
  3. RADLINK, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Point to Multipoint, :Licensed and Unlicensed Bands 400-6000MHz
    • Including 2.4 and 5.8GHz, Point to Multipoint and Point to Point, last mile.
    • Wi-Fi: 80211a, 80211b, 80211g, 80211n
    • WiMAX: 80216 Rev D, 80216 Rev E, Point to Multipoint
    • RADLINK Family, OFDM modulation and MIMO technology, TDMA, exceptional range and speed:
      • (100+Mbps real TCP) performance. Fixed P2MP solution that can deliver 300 Mbps air-rate per sector)
      • (150+Mbps layer 2 TCP); High spectral efficiency (7.5bits/Hz) Long Range (30Km+)
    • Compact, lowest cost, Quick installation, Last mile and backhaul.
  4. HF, VHF, and UHF Bands:
  5. VRAX High Definition Video Wireless Camera Link:
    • For Studio and Outside Broadcasting
    • Uncompressed High Definition Video for easier mixing
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• Raditek is a true Global company, Manufacturing in North America, Europe and Asia. With Sales World Wide both via "in country" representatives, resellers and direct.

Quality: Raditek's quality is extremely important. RADITEK strives towards perfection, Our Quality system is to ISO 9000 standards, and our QA Manual and documents are fully available.

Facilities: Raditek was founded in 1993 and has extensive domestic and international manufacturing facilities, and is dedicated to continually trying to meet, or exceed the global cost and performance challenges, as the various markets grow, and mature.

R & D: Raditek has established leading edge R & D centers; we have an expert team of Scientists and Engineers developing advanced telecom products to 100GHz.

Our Customers: Raditek's products are used extensively around the world in Point to Point Microwave Radio Systems, Satellite Ground Stations and VSAT, Cellular Base Stations (3G, 4G), Broadcast Radio and TV Transmitters and every kind of amplifier.

Pricing: Our pricing is aimed to be 10% below the competition. We hold extensive material stocks to permit fast on time manufacturing.

Raditek provides leading edge technological system solutions: We offer state of the art RF technology, components and systems For Telecommunications, Satcom and Point to Point/last mile solution, including the most advanced baseband modem and signal processing design capability. For high volume applications, we can design and supply advanced, FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) base band systems.

Come to Raditek for the most creative and most cost effective solutions.


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